Those who know me do not consider me a typical attorney.

One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they never call you back. And then, when/if they do call, they are not familiar with the facts of your case. That is not who I am. I do not take thousands of cases. I believe in personally handling all aspects of each person's case with the time, diligence and attention that it deserves.

Another common complaint about attorneys is that they do not keep you informed about what is going on in your case. When a client asks me what is going on in the case, I believe that "nothing" is never an acceptable answer. I believe in regularly providing my clients with status updates of what has transpired in the case, and what is expected to occur in the near future, as well as our continued plan and strategy to achieve the desired results. 

I often hear complaints that someone's attorney simply is not doing anything to advance the case. The discovery period is for a limited amount of time. I believe that every day of the discovery period should be utilized to further strengthen your case. During that period, depositions may be taken, examinations and inspections performed, experts retained, written questions asked, documents requested, medical records obtained, and related action can be taken to support your case. Even if you want to settle the matter, it is important to put yourself in the strongest position possible prior to settlement negotiations in order to maximize your settlement.

Attorneys that pressure their clients into taking a settlement agreement is also against everything that I believe in. It is the client's case, not the attorney's case. I will always lay out all of the options and give my honest evaluation and recommendations, but I will never pressure a client into anything. Once directed, I will vigorously and relentlessly advocate on behalf of my client. 

Uniquely, I have trained and taught the martial art of Judo for over 25 years. Judo has taught me many lessons, including to obtain maximum efficiency with minimum effort. I do not try to stop my opponent's force, but instead use it against him to defeat him. Judo also taught me the strategy to think many steps ahead of my opponent, rather than to react. Finally, judo gave me the “never give up” and “practice makes perfect” attitude. Hard work and dedication truly do get you good results, not only in judo and law, but in life.


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