We have a vast array of different experts at our disposal to aid us in litigating. We have utilized the following experts and highly recommend their services:


METROPOLITAN INVESTIGATIVE GROUP is owned by former New York City Detective, Vincent Keogh. Mr Keogh has provided us with exceptional investigative services for over fourteen (14) years including, performing civil, criminal and social media background searches, obtaining video surveillance, locating and serving witnesses, and taking recorded and/or written statements.


RMG INVESTIGATIONS - Marc Kahn is our "do-it all" guy. He seamlessly and efficiently coordinates service of Subpoenas, obtains public Court records, and performs related investigation services. 


EXAM WORKS has a stable of medical professionals, including orthopedists, neurologists, ER-trauma doctors, pain management specialists, physiologists, plastic surgeons, radiologists, neuro-psychologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, chiropractors, gastroenterologists, medical examiners, and related medical experts. Our pro-recommendation is orthopedist, Dr. Charles Carozza. Dr. Carozza takes the time necessary to review the documentation in conjunction with his examination to create a detailed, honest and thorough analysis and evaluation, even when the medical records are voluminous and the deadlines are short.


FCNA DOVE has numerous expert engineers, architects, climatologists, accountants, accident reconstruction specialists, and other such professionals. Our pro-recommendation is Civil Engineer, Jody DeMarco. Mr. DeMarco is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and personable, all excellent qualities for a jury trial.


THE MCS GROUP is a medical record retrieval service which efficiently assists in the collection of plaintiff’s medical records, diagnostic films, employment records, insurance records, pharmacy records, gym records, and related material. When time and cost is an issue, The MCS Group solves the problem. 


DWAYNE WILBERTON OF ADM is always available to provide prompt, courteous and extensive investigation, including, but not limited to, database research, asset profiles, background checks, computer forensics, accident reconstruction, and related services. 


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