Pedestrian Knock-Down Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, the resulting injuries could be devastating. I have represented both drivers and pedestrians in these types of cases. Regardless, is important to immediately investigate the accident, including securing photos, taking witness statements, and obtaining medical records.

Photos of the scene of the accident document where the accident occurred, as well as the placement of the vehicle(s) and the victim. Photos could be important evidence, especially when there are multiple versions of how the accident occurred.

Similarly, witness statements taken shortly after the accident are generally the most accurate as the witness’ memory is still fresh. Later, such a statement can be used to refresh the witness’ recollection. Absent such a statement, the memory could fade, and crucial evidence lost.

Lastly, medical records not only evidence what body parts were injured, but they also document how the accident occurred and a person’s past medical history. Additionally, Emergency Room and Urgent Care Center records often contain numerous admissions as the person is seeking treatment for pain and not on guard.


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